"There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept."

Ansel Adams


Greg Pedat was born June 21, 1980 in Geneva, Switzerland. Seduced by cinema since a very young age, he first turned to photography as a form of expression (Argentix), which led him to develop a specific expertise in framing shots.

Mr. Pedat started as a lighting technician on short subject films at the age of 17. He rapidly distinguished himself through his passion and visual sense for the craft. After a few years of experience, he transitioned into feature length films and attained the level of Gaffer. Working alongside some of the internationally renowned Directors of Photography (Eduardo Serra ASC, Tim Morris-Johns, Renato Berta AFC, John Mathieson), he acquired an exceptional knowledge of lighting and framing scenes.

In 2006, at the age of 26, Mr. Pedat shot his first feature film in the role of Cinematographer ¨Motel¨ with Stéphanie Glaser, which finally allowed him to exploit his knowledge of photography. Strong from the start, he rapidly work on other features and became known to a number of Directors, such as Jean-Luc Godard, consulted Mr. Pedat for his film ¨Socialism¨. Although finally, they did not work together on this film, it was a significant collaboration, which marked Mr. Pedat’s ultimate path through film.

In 2011, the French Director Kader Ayd, called Mr. Pedat for the role of Director of Photography for the American Film ¨Five Thirteen¨ with Tom Sizemore, Gary Dourdan. The resulting collaboration between Greg Pedat and Kader Ayd grew strong throughout the realization of this film. Then they work over others films ¨The Devil of Novery¨ with Armand Assante, ¨A Day Like A Week¨ with Richard Samel, Steven Bauer and ¨Une Revanche à Prendre¨ with Charles Aznavour, Dolores Chaplin, Joe Prestia.

Greg Pedat still work as Cinematographer with other directors on other movie such ¨The Dormant¨ by Jérôme Dassier with Asia Argento or on the serial ¨Cellule de Crise¨ by Jacob Berger with André Dussolier.